Princess Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Nothing makes a woman feel more like a princess than her wedding day, so a bridal shower should be just as royal! Incorporating a princess theme for a bridal shower is a nostalgic, happy, and truly magical way to celebrate the bride-to-be. Break out the tiaras, bridal sashes, Disney princess décor, and tons of shades of pink for a perfectly put together princess bridal shower event.



Invitations can feature a royal carriage so that guests get that princess feeling of going to—and having—a ball! Drape satin lavender or pink tablecloths on tables, set out white roses in silver vases for centerpieces, and post up rosy tulle fabric along walls, ceilings, doorways, and chairs. Place a sparkling tiara at every place setting for each guest to wear during the party and make sure the bride herself has a bride sash and a light up wand. Post up blown up printouts of the most beloved Disney princesses and place Babies Breath in every corner and nook for accent pieces. Have sets of china plates and teacups for the guests to sip beverages and enjoy yummy food from, and remember that you can never have enough pink sparkly balloons and glittering streamers.



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Try an elaborate castle cake for the main table and surround it with candies served in glass slippers and purple cupcakes topped with figurines of Cinderella. Macaroons in colors of silver and gold aside sugar cookies in images of tiaras, glass slippers, and castles are all beautiful and delicious additions to the food table. Play the best Disney princess songs during the event to ensure lots of fond smiles. Round guests up for sweet activities such as Name that Disney Princess or Bridal Ad Libs in the form of writing a short Princess story about the bride!

Princess Bridal Shower Games

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