Rose and Lavender Bridal Shower

This exquisite Rose and Lavender Bridal Shower was expertly designed by Oh Feri – Party and Event Styling. Using a perfect blend of floral displays and soft, pastel tones, the theme had an elegant and warm styling that was certain to please the guests. 

With lots of lavender and a pinch of rose, the theme colors were beautifully blended to create a stunning look throughout the well-lighted venue space. 

At the back of the dessert table a modern, customized graphic advertised the theme perfectly with a golden border.  In front of the graphic a table covered in white made a beautiful stage for all of the desserts. 

For this special event, three fabulous cakes were created and set at the back of the table to give visually stunning effect. Each one was several layers and intricately detailed to add to the elegance of the celebration. Flower bouquets stood on each end of the table in soft lavender, rose and cream tones in fantastic tall vases. 

At the front of the table miniature cupcakes were perfectly frosted  along side other tasty treats including cookies of course.  Even frosted pretzels were frosted to blend with the theme.

Pudding in cups had frosting on top for a fun look and a tray of each was placed on both sides of the table, ensuring easy access for the guests to just grab and go. An adorable chocolate covered treat tree was created looking absolutely decadent and had roses incorporated too. Miniature cakes were frosted in rose and topped with cute flower blooms. Even the trays used went perfectly with the theme in white. 

From top to bottom, this event was a spectacular success, the mixture of pastels and floral arrangements made a lovely and inviting atmosphere for the guests. Even the cakes showcased florals with toppers of fantastic lavender and rose blooms.


Planning/design - Oh Feri – Party and Event Styling