Luscious Flower Bridal Tea Party


Color and charm made this Luscious Flower Bridal Tea Party an event to remember.  Whimsical Events by Abby & Co went all out to create a lovely gathering that a bride-to-be could adore.  With all sorts of vibrant colors incorporated into the decor and a sunny outdoor venue, this party was absolutely charming.

The dessert table was a fantastic centerpiece to the venue with a massive backdrop created with gigantic paper flowers of every color.  All crowded together, they looked like a massive bouquet. The table in front of them was covered in white, allowing all of the adorable pastels to stand out in a rainbow of beauty.  Green moss was set across the front of the table, adding to the natural tones of the theme. Scattered across the moss adorable mini flowers were spread.

Being a tea party it makes perfect sense that an array of tasty cookies would be provided for the guests.  With sugar cookies in fun shapes and frosted in pastels along with delightful macarons, plenty of options were offered to please all. Vintage style stands were used on each side of the table to display the treats remarkably.  Little teapots held beautiful fresh blooms too. To add to the beauty of this table a naked cake was made and set at the back of the table.  It was accented with adorable flowers as well, blending with the theme smoothly.

To make this tea party cozy and unique, a table was set at ground level so the guests could all sit low on a fun spread of pillows. Gorgeous chinaware and a spread down the center of vintage style tea kettles and more flowers, this table was absolutely adorable.  Overhead cute little parasols floated from a massive tree, adding to the whimsical aspects of the party sweetly.

Luscious-Flower-Bridal-Tea-Party-Board-Art Luscious-Flower-Bridal-Tea-Party-Centerpiece Luscious-Flower-Bridal-Tea-Party-Chinaware Luscious-Flower-Bridal-Tea-Party-Cookies Luscious-Flower-Bridal-Tea-Party-Desserts Luscious-Flower-Bridal-Tea-Party-Floating-Parasols Luscious-Flower-Bridal-Tea-Party-Giant-Gravybowl Luscious-Flower-Bridal-Tea-Party-Macarons Luscious-Flower-Bridal-Tea-Party-Naked-Cake Luscious-Flower-Bridal-Tea-Party-Pillows Luscious-Flower-Bridal-Tea-Party-Sugar-Cookies Luscious-Flower-Bridal-Tea-Party-Sunset Luscious-Flower-Bridal-Tea-Party-Teapot Luscious-Flower-Bridal-Tea-Party-Treats

Credits –

Whimsical Events by Abby & Co