Green and White Mint to Be Bridal Shower


With a fun play on words, this Green and White Mint to Be Bridal Shower had a lovely, elegant look that was sure to be enjoyed by all.  Beautifully designed by Dani from emotion, this sweet shower was a gorgeous display of soft green and white tones.

Taking advantage of a beautiful day, the party was thrown outdoors, letting the sun light up all of the decor in a natural way.  A covered porch area made an ideal setting for the dessert buffet area, and was decorated from top to bottom fantastically.

A backdrop of mint, white and neutrally toned ribbons hung in a row set the stage for a delicious and stylish looking table. On each side mason jars with candles tied with a soft lacy ribbon hung, giving a sweet accent to the backdrop. The sweets were all frosted to match the theme in pinks and yellows that stood out in a tasty way.  A tiered tray held yummy chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and an adorable cake stood in the center. Baby’s breath was used to add a natural touch to each end of the table too.

A long row of tables was set up to provide the delicious food for the guests.  A fantastic vintage style mirror frame was turned into a chalkboard to display the theme title beautifully.  On each side of this frame pictures of the happy couple were hung in a row. The menu for this party was extensive, ensuring that everyone would find something they could love. From meatballs to blts, the table was filled with color and variety.

No party is complete without some fun games and this one had a classic called, “he said, she said.”  It had a list of things that the couple had talked about and of course, whoever could guess correctly which person had said what, they won.

Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Babys-Breath Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Beef-Rollups Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Blts Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Cake-Pops Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Cheesetray Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Cupcake-Stand Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Decor Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Dessert-Table Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Flowers Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Forks Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Fruit Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Game Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Meatballs Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Menu Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Mints Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Mirror Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Nail-Polish Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Pink-Frosting Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Poms Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Ribbon Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Rollups Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Straws Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Treat-Table Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Vase Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Veggies Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Venue Green-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Water minttobe-15.jpgGreen-and-White-Mint-to-Be-Bridal-Shower-Invite

Credits –

Designer – Dani from emotion

(If you like Dani’s work check out some of her fantastic amigurumis at thm.bydani)