Purple and Silver Bridal Shower

With the crafty skill of Fleur de Lis Event Consulting, this Elegant Purple & Silver Bridal Shower was put together in style. The venue chosen for the celebration was a sophisticated and neutral room, so all of the decorations blended flawlessly giving it the elegance that was desired.


The guest table was set up family style, a large rectangle that would fit everyone comfortably. The table was set up with a stylish runner that gorgeous arrangements of purple flowers were laid-out on. Adorable glasses were placed out with swirly patterned straws that added a touch of fun to the look. The chairs were large and cozy, and the bride’s was decked out with an extra sash that said, “Bride to Be.”  Each place setting had a bold purple napkin that added an extra splash of color to the arrangement. They were folded impeccably with little cards that invited the guests to write down the things that make a good wife and a good husband. A board was even set-up in the room so everyone could post up their thoughts after writing them on the cards.

The delicious food was set-up on a buffet table that needed no cover to emphasize its elegance as it was a lovely modern cabinet with a deep finish. Each dish was sweetly labelled in a cute purple format that stood out. The edibles offered were classic delights that were sure to please including chicken salad sliders, cucumber sandwiches, and lemon curd tartlets. There was even fresh fruit offered, adding a vibrant healthy touch.

For dessert what better option could be offered than fantastic lavender frosted cupcakes? Set on a tiered tray, they stood out spectacularly in front of a huge silver star for a bit of adorable decor. The table that the treats were set on was covered in a glamorous silver, shiny cover, giving a sparkle that was very memorable.

Credits –

Design, Planning & Photo Booth: Fleur de Lis Event Consulting

Photography: Meg Burke Photography

Rentals and Linens: North Hill Chair Covers and Linens

White vases: Wedding Star

Catering: The Magnolia

Cupcakes: Yummy Yummies

Venue: Lee House

purple-silver-bridal-shower-chicken-sandwiches purple-silver-bridal-shower-dessert-table-decorations purple-silver-bridal-shower-dessert-table-decorations-lavender-floral-cupcakes purple-silver-bridal-shower-drinks purple-silver-bridal-shower-drinks-fruits purple-silver-bridal-shower-favor-ideas purple-silver-bridal-shower-food-table purple-silver-bridal-shower-food-table-lemon-tarts purple-silver-bridal-shower-food-table-quiche purple-silver-bridal-shower-food-table-tea-sandwiches purple-silver-bridal-shower-table-setting-ideas purple-silver-bridal-shower-table-setting-ideas-decorations purple-silver-bridal-shower-table-setting-ideas-florals purple-silver-bridal-shower-table-setting-ideas-florals-for-bride purple-silver-bridal-shower-table-setting-ideas-florals-for-bride-activity-cards purple-silver-bridal-shower-table-setting-ideas-florals-for-bride-activity-ideas purple-silver-bridal-shower-table-setting-ideas-florals-for-bride-wine-and-table-cover



Pink and White High Tea Bridal Shower

One way to make a bride feel like royalty is to give her a High Tea Bridal Shower like this one. With a large volume of gorgeous pink colors and all sorts of adorable details, any bride can feel special when it comes to celebrating her impending nuptials.

Pink and White High Tea Bridal Shower ideas

Pocket Full of Parties went all out on the details of this elegant event, giving each bit of decor full attention.  The dessert table was magnificent, the sheer volume of decor was astounding.  The backdrop for the table was a beautiful arrangement of paper flowers, each a unique work of art, all put together it was like a bouquet of white wonder. To emphasize the simplistic beauty of the flower back drop, fantastic pinwheels were hung surrounding it in a sweet light pink tone. There was also a lovely light blue parasol hanging down, giving that royal tea-like effect.

The table was covered with a soft pink fabric, setting the stage for a bold array of pinks and whites. Sweet doilies were used to complement the setting, giving that warm feeling to the room that guests were sure to enjoy. With an adorable arrangement of trays to hold the treats, this table had everything a visitor could want in decor.

Delectable cupcakes stood on a tall pink tray, frosted in a bold pink to perfection. Each treat was labelled with a cute tag, so everyone would know exactly what they were getting. Scattered around the table were all sorts of flower arrangements, giving life to the table that was sure to impress. With a variety of tones and sizes, the flowers definitely fit right in with the decor.  Along with the cupcakes were a variety of yummy donuts, macarons and other sweet treats to enjoy. Every little detail was well-planned out for this lovely gathering.

Credits – Pocket Full of Parties

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Floral Garden Bridal Shower

With an eye for perfection, Kristi Murphy created this Garden Bridal Shower, ensuring that it would be one to remember for a lifetime. Taking advantage of gorgeous, natural outdoor lighting, this gathering was held in a large outside venue area.

Floral Garden Bridal Shower invitation

The invitations made were very sweet, with splashes of purple flowers that made them pop. Even the font was adorable with a range of fun and elegant typing. Each one had a address label that matched the invitation, giving a complete and professional look. To add a personal touch, a lovely photo of the couple were included for the guests to keep.

The tables set out for visitors to eat at were placed family style, giving a cozy closeness to make the event more charming. The tables were covered in fantastic black and white striped cloths, giving a bold, modern statement that was sure to impress. The cutest little green plants were used as centerpieces as well as shower announcements to give a smooth and contemporary effect. Even the plates went with the garden theme, each having the neatest pattern of flowers to the side of them, so it wasn’t overwhelming. Dainty glasses were set at each place with unique striped straws.

A delicious arrangement of food was set up at a little rectangle table that was easy for the guests to access. It was covered with a black and white striped cloth as well and had an adorable banner strung across the front that said, “bride.” The trays that held the treats were all white, giving a smooth, elegant style to the table. Several were tied with lovely pink bows to add a splash of color.

The cake was a stunner with layers of tastiness just waiting to be tried out. It was covered on top with an overflowing arrangement of the prettiest flowers, many different types. They created dimension while ensuring that the theme was the centerpiece for the entire celebration.

Credits – Kristi Murphy

Floral Garden Bridal Shower backdrop vinesFloral Garden Bridal Shower black and white stripes tablecover guest table Floral Garden Bridal Shower black and white stripes tablecover Floral Garden Bridal Shower coaster Floral Garden Bridal Shower dessert table with naked cake Floral Garden Bridal Shower dessert table Floral Garden Bridal Shower florals Floral Garden Bridal Shower glass Floral Garden Bridal Shower matching cupcake toppers Floral Garden Bridal Shower table setting guests Floral Garden Bridal Shower table setting Floral Garden Bridal Shower treats macaroons Floral Garden Bridal Shower treats meringue


Pink and Red Love Bridal Shower

Bridal Showers offer a perfect opportunity to celebrate a union that can last a lifetime, and this one was a wonderful tribute to that perfect feeling, Love. Using a Pink + Red Love themed idea, Brittany of Dressed In Details Events took that wonderful emotion and turned it into an elegant and colorful design that any bride-to-be could treasure.

Pink and Red Love Bridal Shower dessert table decorations

A fantastic idea was used for the backdrop to the snack table that incorporated color and texture in a unique way. Large sheets of white, pink and red paper were cut fringe-style, adding depth to the table that was bold and fun.

The table used for hold the treats was a work of art all by itself with gorgeous vintage detailing and ornate handles. No table cloth was used, allowing the table to be showcased effectively.

Snack choices were decadently made, fantastic heart-shaped sugar cookies that said ‘love’ were put into a giant glass jar. They were sprinkled in red, blending with the theme colors perfectly. Cupcakes were topped magnificently with cascades of white frosting and topped with fitting pretty little red hearts and edible pink sticks.

There were even macarons, colored to match the venue and placed in a gorgeous clear holder. With a range of varying levels of trays and jars, all of the treats were easy to grab and well spaced apart.

A lovely little cake was created to celebrate the impending union as well. It was lavishly covered in flowered white detailing with a fantastic ‘love’ banner standing as a topper.

With other little bits of decor blending in, like calligraphy notes and sweetly arranged flowers, this venue was a sophisticatedly designed work of art. A special seating area for the happy couple was even set up to give them the full attention they deserved to have.

Credits –

Creative Direction, Styling and Florals: Brittany Rogers of Dressed In Details Events

Photography: Kai Davis Photography

Calligraphy & Stationary: All She Wrote Notes

Glitter Love Cake Topper: Etsy Shop Modern Blooms

Mini Rosette Cake: Etsy Shop The Fake Cupcakery

Desserts & Pastries: Westborn Market

Pink and Red Love Bridal Shower cake toppersPink and Red Love Bridal Shower cakepops and drinks with the couples names Pink and Red Love Bridal Shower cakepops with the couples names Pink and Red Love Bridal Shower cookies Pink and Red Love Bridal Shower cupcakes and treats Pink and Red Love Bridal Shower cupcakes Pink and Red Love Bridal Shower dessert table decors Pink and Red Love Bridal Shower dessert table with macarons Pink and Red Love Bridal Shower dessert table Pink and Red Love Bridal Shower favors Pink and Red Love Bridal Shower romantic seating area Pink and Red Love Bridal Shower straw topper with glitter heart



FREE Printable Shabby Chic Tags

My very first post and freebie at Bridal Shower Ideas 4 U. These free printable shabby chic tags are a great addition to your favor boxes or bags.

Super easy steps of :

Download PDF or JPEG > Print at home or print shop > Cut > Assemble

You will find the download link just below the image.

Types of strings you can use are – Baker’s twine, Jute twine, Tulle, or any other strings that won’t break off too easily.

Type of paper – These printables are best printed on white card stock paper. You can print them on standard paper but it may not keep its shape as well as the card stock paper.

You’ll need to hole punch top part of the tag so the string can go through.