Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

For a bridal shower that mixes easy and casual with delicious and fun, there is nothing more perfect than a kitchen theme. The kitchen is a favorite space of any home, and countless memories are made here with loved ones, so nothing sets the mood for a sweet bridal shower better. What’s even better is that every piece of decoration for a kitchen themed bridal shower is really right at your disposal!

Kitchen Bridal Shower Invites

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Kitchen Bridal Shower Decors

When putting together décor, utilize most of what you have in the kitchen in creative and unique ways. Think string garlands of miniature spoons, hanging ornaments of whisks and kneaders, and centerpieces of vintage kitchen appliances. Use bright white copy paper to cut out flower streamers and create simple yet elegant floral arrangements of daisies in crisp colors like yellows and whites. Place around accent pieces on tables or serving bars such as rolling pins or wooden cooking spoons. Balloons in happy hues with heart designs offer an extra bit of romance to the bridal shower as well. Of course, a great decoration piece for any kitchen themed bridal shower is a chalkboard or any type of sign in which the “Recipe for Love” is written out.

Your food table can merge splendidly with décor as well, so be sure to get creative with how you serve and present your fabulous bridal fares. Mixing bowls full of yummy baked goods and cast iron pans keeping cornbread warm give a feeling of theme and at home comfort. Fill different types of drinking glasses from steins to tumblers to coffee mugs full of candies and treats. Instead of one shower cake, you can opt for a few different small ones, as this brings in delicious details, scents, and flavors to the bridal shower. No matter what you choose to serve for food, stick with items that are warm, baked, and seemingly imperfect, as this is what the kitchen—and love—is really all about.

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Kitchen Bridal Shower Games

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