Sew in Love Bridal Shower Ideas

A bridal shower is a happy time to celebrate romance, love, and happily ever after, so what better way to throw this party than with a creatively crafty theme? A “Sew in Love” bridal themed shower is perfect for any creative bride, and provides loads of activities and entertainment for guests. From clever cocktails and food to even more crafty decorations, get your guests “sew” excited for an unforgettable bridal event!

sew in love bridal shower invitation

Sew in Love Decorations

Decorations should be a mixture of handmade goodies and more efficient items alike. You definitely won’t have the time to sew and crochet tons of garland or wall pin-ups, and the good news is, there are tons of printables out there that mock the look of a sewn decoration piece splendidly! Circle and flag banners that look as though you sewed the letters and designs in, party signs, and even labels are all printable to look super authentic. Another awesome décor idea is to have eclectic pieces sitting around the venue that represent the theme, such as a vintage sewing machine, needle point supplies, and tassels and garland made of colorful strands of yarn. Incorporate hearts and photos of the bride and groom to be all throughout your decorations as well. Floral arrangements of simple, yet pretty flowers like poppies or roses are a must for all the tables, too.


Sewing Party Printable


Sew in Love Bridal Food

Food is a fun staple for the event that you can really have a ball with putting together. Think brunch type food with lots of sweet flavors for an event like this. Have croissants and English muffins set out with an assortment of jams, jellies, and spreads, and make deliciously sweet filled, fluffy biscuits. Cookies, brownies, and cakepops should be offered with the theme incorporated, giving icing needle and thread designs, or shapes of spools of golden thread. The cake is the best part to put out, as you can get super detailed with this. A multi-tiered cake in soft pink frosting with sugar fondant detailing of buttons, pins, and hearts, complete with a threaded bridal topper is a perfect event cake. Lemonade or mimosas are a great beverage to have on hand, and be sure to serve them in mason jar glassware.

Sew in Love Bridal Games

Activities can be just about anything for this bridal event, whether you opt for classic bridal shower games such as Bridal Bingo, or if you go for something more interactive, such as a small sewing activity. A great idea for this “Sew in Love” theme is to have a sewing or crafty activity planned out for your guests to do, and each gets to keep their cute creation as an extra special party favor to take home with them and keep forever.



Sew in Love Bridal Favors

For more favors, create containers in the image of little spools of thread and fill them with all sorts of goodies, such as candies, miniature travel sewing kits, buttons, or keychains. Jars filled with pre mixed ingredients for scrumptious desserts such as cookies or brownies are also a guest favorite.