Anchors Away Nautical Bridal Shower

With Alli behind the wheel, this Anchors Away Nautical Bridal Shower was a fantastic celebration of two special people getting ready for nuptials! Adding a twist to the classic Nautical themes, this one had blush incorporated into the colors to give it a softer look. With the happy couple planning their wedding on a yacht, this Nautical idea was a perfect option for a get-together. 

The venue used was a lovely home, creating a cozy and comfortable vibe that the guests were sure to appreciate. In the main area, a large fireplace dominated with a fantastic mantle for holding all sorts of bold decorations.  A banner hung across this fireplace with the bride and groom’s names in gold. 

This mantle held a variety of different decorations that blended perfectly with the theme, two sailboats sat right in the center ensuring that the nautical vibe was beautifully advertised. Anchor photo art was placed beside the boats in matching theme colors.  A neat addition to this mantle were several mason jars with teal tones that had ropes attached, giving a stylish and creative look that stood out. 

To give the party a unique look, Alli put together fantastic boxes with anchor patterned fabric to hold large displays of lovely flowers.  Each box was precisely designed to go with this theme, creating a customized look that would be remembered. 

For desserts, delightful sugar cookies iced in blue and shaped like anchors made a perfect addition to the party. There were also scrumptious cupcakes that matched the theme too! 

An outdoor area was set up to eat food and this section matched the theme as well with a banner on one wall that had all sorts of different flags.  The guest tables were decked out with fantastic sailboat centerpieces and the dishware was a bold blue color to coordinate beautifully.

Moroccan Bridal Shower

This visually stunning Moroccan Bridal Shower was perfectly captured into eternity with the skill of Madison Rylee the party photographer. Every stunning detail was a work of pure perfection, creating a stunning special event for the bride-to-be. 

Ornate decorations were infused into each section of the party, giving a cultured style that was as elegant as it was precise. A fantastic piece of window art welcomed the guests in an adorable calligraphy style, introducing the theme very sweetly. 

The party was held outdoors on a vibrant day, allowing natural lighting to make each color of the theme to pop brilliantly. A large board with Moroccan graphics made a lovely backdrop for group photos. 

A cute little booze cart was set up with tasty wine for the guests to enjoy along with adorable decorates including “Rose Babe” spelled out in red box letters. 

A special table was set out for the guests to each write down their favorite memories of the bride, while not disclosing their identity so she would have to guess who wrote each one. This table was backed with a sweet little rack of photos of the bride through her childhood. 

For the guest seating, refurbished pallets created the perfect low style table and throw pillows in a variety of styles were used for comfortable seating. The table had cute centerpieces with flowers and greenery to give a natural look. 

Desserts were simple and sweet with cookies and cake for everyone to enjoy. The two layer cake was marvelously decorated in vibrant orange red tones, marble style on top and ornately detailed on the bottom. This was set on an elegant cake tray that was jeweled around the entire section too.


Photography – Madison Rylee

Acai bowls – Bolcupop

Styling, furniture – Gabrielle Dak

Florals – I Dew Flowers

Signage – Creatively Spun

Rentals – The Blooming Loom


Rose Gold And Eucalyptus Bridal Shower

J’aime Events did a lovely job of designing this gorgeous Rose Gold And Eucalyptus Bridal Shower.  Simple yet charming, each decoration for the event reflected the beauty and joy of the upcoming nuptials to perfection. The venue was absolutely stunning, with high ceilings and massive windows that displayed a pretty view for all of the guests to enjoy looking at.  

With such big windows the lighting in the room was superb, all of the decor was light and elegant, creating a sweet and inviting vibe throughout the venue. There was even cozy seating on fantastic white furniture for everyone, giving the group a comfortable option for visiting together. 

A snack table was set up to the side with the large window as a wonderful backdrop.  To enhance the look and incorporate the theme, a cute hoop with eucalyptus was hung in front of the window. This table was set up buffet style so the guests could easily serve themselves.  Delightful truffles were frosted in different ways to add color and variety.  There were also adorable little gift boxes for the guests to take home set to the side on this table. 

The cake was a beauty with dark and light frosting blended together on the exterior.  It had a gorgeus rose bloom on top and eucalyptus as well.  A tasty range of beverages was offered as well in elegant champagne glasses.

To emphasize the reason for this lovely gathering, a custom graphic was made and framed in white to match this elegant theme beautifully. It read, “Pop the Bubbly She is Getting a Hubby,” in lovely lettering.

A wonderful idea used for this party were little recipe cards that were added to the invitations encouraging guests to write out their favorite meals for the bride so she could start off her collection. 


Planning/design - J’aime Events

Photographer – Lauren Marie

Cake – Sugar and Spice Custom Cakery

Desserts – The House of Brigaderios

Rentals – Dream Day Dressing Rooms

Invitations/signage – T. Aletta

Floris – The Cutting Garden

Lighting – Ignite Lighting and Entertainment

Coffee – Coffee Cart Mpls

Makeup/hair – Winter Artistry

Jewelry – Style by Cia



60’s Inspired Ice Cream Social Bridal Shower

With an array of colors and fun, this 60’s Inspired Ice Cream Social Bridal Shower was a genuine beauty! Using the expertise of Lustre Theory to style and coordinate, this event looked lovely and professional. 

The venue was vibrantly light with natural sunlight throughout the space which made everything look upbeat. An array of pastel tones gave an elegant effect while the ice cream decor provided a fun element. Invitations were printed with adorable ice cream graphics in pastel green envelopes. Even the RSVP cards went with the theme have an ice cream cone shape! 

Treats were both super cute and delicious looking with pastel tones.  Macaroons were done in white, blue and pink, giving a colorful look to the desserts.  There were also yummy candies like sweet and sour gummy bears and orange rings to enjoy. Beverages matched the 60’s vibe with classic bottles of soda with blue and white striped straws to drink with. A favorite sweet offered was cupcakes that were actually placed in waffle cones!  These were frosted in different colors and topped with classic sundae ingredients like cherries, nuts, chocolates and more.  

Holding all the treats in a vintage style, a fantastic white vanity table made the perfect stage. A drawer was even utilized to hold sodas and silverware for the guests to grab.  Underneath this table a fantastic pink lantern decoration added a bold pop of color.  On the table itself an overflowing bouquet of gorgeous flowers gave an elegant touch.  The table was also covered in a sheer white fabric to add a bit of charm while allowing guests to easily see the beauty of the vanity table underneath it. 

Notes from the Stylist: 

SHOOT DESCRIPTION – What do you get when you combine a bridal shower, amazing colors, macaron ice cream sandwiches and one of my favorite vintage style eras? Pure magic of course with a cherry on top!

This shoot inspiration came from the 60’s Mod style. Elements from this movement were sprinkled into the party decor and fashion choices. The shoot location was in the downtown Norfolk Arts District or sometimes called the Neon District of Norfolk, Virginia.

The goal wasn’t to copy the well known Twiggy style, but to bring in hints of it so you could feel the influence when looking at the images.

Color played a big role in defining this classic look. Bright, bold color is splayed in geometric patterns and vintage influence. The style focuses on color blocking, hints of bright yellow, orange, pink, and pastels.

The subculture brought about a more playful approach to makeup and the use of color. Different elements of the 60’s hair and makeup trends were chosen for the models, voluminous hair, lots of eyeliner and large bright accessories.


  1. Have no fear! – Don’t be afraid to pull decor and style elements from famous time periods or favorite themes. But try and think about how you can adapt these ideas into your event designs and still keep it current and make it your own. Rather than just copying the original idea.
  2. Get creative with your food. – Fancy cupcakes were used inside the waffle cones for this shoot for both impact and longevity. If you want something on your dessert or food tables that will look beautiful but also last sometimes it’s helpful think outside the box. Choose something creative and tasty that you might not have thought could be used in that way before!
  3. Mirror decor design elements. – Sometimes you have a feature at your event venue that offers a serendipitous addition to your decor. In this shoot the multicolored fence was perfect for the theme but I wanted to connect the fence to the shoot more. Colored ribbons were used as a fun backing for the heart shaped bistro chairs and played off the vertical lines of color on the fence. Many times taking advantage of decor elements from your venue will help unify your whole event aesthetic and could save you a little money in rentals.

Vendors | Credits: 

Decor Styling & Shoot Coordination - Lustre Theory
Photography - David Schwartz Photography
Styling Assist - A Lively Affair
Makeup - BlushTones
Hair - Flawless Onsite by Amberly
Florals -  Black Iris Floral Events Co
Macarons & Ice Cream - Hummingbird Macarons & Desserts
Vintage Rentals -  Mad Hatter Vintage Rentals
Vintage Trailer -  Skylar Wyatt
Models -  Skylar Wyatt Scott, Tiffany Cobb, Sade Graham
Doggy Model -  Winston Klimesh
Location -  The NEON District - Norfolk VA


Floral Pastel Bridal Shower

Beauty and elegance were the forefront of this fantastic Floral Pastel Bridal Shower. Oh Feri Party and Event Styling created a floral wonderland with an abundance of gorgeous flower arrangements and soft pastel tones throughout the pretty venue. From the phenomenal customized signs and decor to the pristine pictures, a whole team of experts made this bridal shower a moment to remember forever. 

The dessert table was pure perfection, featuring a massive customized backdrop that advertised the bridal shower in pastel beauty. A white table was used with no cover needed to create a modern and smooth stage for the treats to stand on.  On each end of the table pristine bouquet arrangements in pinks, purples and whites added to the elegance of the treats. The array of desserts offered was delightful, each decorated in light tones to match the theme sweetly. Large candy jars were wrapped decoratively at the back of the table with goodies for the guests to enjoy. Two tall cake trays held yummy cupcakes frosted in pink with pretty flower toppers.  Tasty parfaits stood at the front of the table in layered deliciousness.  There were even little glass boxes filled with customized chocolate bars.  The cake was a stunning, three layers and topped with a large bouquet that matched the theme marvelously. 

A lovely beverage station was set up to coordinate perfectly with the dessert table with a personalized backdrop that matched the treat table’s. This table had a white cover and featured bottles to drink from that had custom labels saying, “Drink Me.” Each bottle had a cute swirly straw too. On each side of the table cute tiered trays held pretty arrangements of flowers. The drinks were displayed in large, glass dispensers that had easy pour spouts so the guests could get what they wanted easily. 


Concept and Styling – Oh Feri 
Party and Event Styling Printables – Millyboo Designs
Cookies – Miss Biscuit
Desserts – Queen Baker & Tea Party Co
Florals – Floral Palette
Custom Spoons – Bespoke Party Products
Photography – Lee Bird Photography