Outdoor Tropical Bridal Shower

Better Together Paper Co. did a tremendous job with the colorful graphics at this lovely Outdoor-Tropical-Bridal-Shower. The invitations were vibrant and welcoming with a fun font and bold lettering that was also used on signage throughout  the venue to create a uniform look. The invitations were placed in adorable pink envelopes too!

This tropical celebration of love was held outdoors on a fantastic sunny day so the natural lighting made sure each deocoration was easy to view. At the entryway a large chalkboard style sign let everyone know that the party was being held in the backyard.  To introduce the tropical theme, cute little flamingos stood in front of the sign. 

In fun fashion, a large sign welcomed the guests in the backyard, styled to match the invites beautifully in bright colors and showcasing adorable tropical touches like pineapples and watermelon. This sign stood comfortably on an art easel and was framed with large greenery to create a natural effect.

The snacking table was set right beside this sign. It was jam-packed with goodies for all of the guests to enjoy. A cute polka dot cover made a wonderful stage for the snacks to sit on. Along the back of this table a row of vibrant flowers in various types added a beautiful look to the venue. 

Each of the snacks was frosted in yummy pastel tones that matched the theme perfectly.  Plastic silverware was placed on this table to make it easy for the guests to grab and go. There were macarons, sugar cookies, cupcakes and more. 

A favorite touch at this special touch designed for this event was a pair of commemorative spoons that were engrave with the wedding date and bride and groom initials. In the center of the spoons the words always and forever were engraved, all by hand. 


Stationery Photos – Kaytie Rich Photography (instagram.com/kaytierichphotography)
Stationery and Signage designs – Better Together Paper Co. 
Stationery and Signage printing – Terrace Press 
Bridal Party photography – Danielle Morris

Colorful Au Natural Bridal Shower



It is easy to fall in love with this Colorful Au Natural Bridal Shower designed by Designed In Mind Events. Utilizing a lovely outdoor space and all sorts of natural details, this shower was sure to impress a lovely bride to be.  The outdoor space chosen for this party was absolutely enchanting with a beautifully array of trees and rocks.

For the guest seating, large cement picnic tables made a perfect option for this outdoor event. The bench style seating encouraged cozy and comfortable visiting. This party was specially designed for a DIY, eco-conscious, modern and budget friendly bride.

A favorite detail incorporated into the natural decor at this party were the abundance of sweet succulents. At each place setting the plates were bordered in these fantastic little plants, giving the table a lovely natural look. Gorgeous centerpieces were made from black trays with neutrally toned centers that were layered together and used to hold larger succulents.  Lovely slim bouquets of flowers added height to the look too.  A fun and unique addition to this table set up was the use of small rocks to display the forks.

Using the natural rock formations at this venue as a backdrop, the beverage table had a rustic style that really stood out. With glassware on the bottom shelf and a woven stand holding several bottles of wine, it was easy for guests to find a tasty drink. Succulents were placed in the miniature drawer to blend with the Au Natural theme perfectly.

Another wonderful addition to the decor at this event was the use of a small table with a giant bowl to hold gift envelopes. The bowl held a variety of rocks and cute decorative boxes as well. A charming basket of flowers and succulents were displayed on the bottom shelf.

Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Beverage-Display Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Cake Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Cake-Section Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Drinks Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Drink-Tray Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Flowers Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Flowers-Vases Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Gift-Pile Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Glassware Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Green-Succulents Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Guest-Seating Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Guest-Tables Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Micro-Table Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Picnic-Table Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Red-Yellow-Flowers Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Ring-Display Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Rock-Art Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Rock-Bowl Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Succulents Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Wine Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Wooden-Plates Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Yellow-Flowers


Floral Design And Event Styling – Design In Mind Events
Photography by – Kelly H Photo



Dreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower

garden bridal shower party ideas

Dreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower cake display

This Dreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower was a visual stunner with a setting in the golden hills of California. With the elegant design skills of Linen & Lilac, this intimate gathering was very sweetly put together.

The outdoor venue was a perfect idea, allowing the guests to enjoy the lovely sunshine and a vast view of rolling hills and clear skies.  A single table created a close and comfortable option for everyone to visit together easily.  This table held an entire row of delightful miniature cakes, giving the ladies a sweet treat while they celebrated this lovely bride-to-be.

With a soft white table cover, the theme had a light and airy vibe that was certain to impress. The cover extended to the ground, creating a fantastic look. Wooden chairs were decked out with white cushions to keep the guests comfy as they enjoyed their desserts.

The dreamy vibe was enhanced with all sorts of cute floral arrangements that were displayed down the center of this wonderful table. Each miniature cake featured a unique display of floral accents, ensuring that they were easy to tell apart and make them all one of a kind.

Place settings were gorgeous with a gold-lined charger as the centerpiece, topped with a pink dinner plate and a white saucer on top. The napkins were actually folded in a knot style, giving this setting a stylish look. The silverware was actually gold plated, creating an elegant vibe that was sure to have the guests feeling quite luxurious.  Each setting had three separate glasses to ensure that the ladies could drink whatever their heart desired.

The invitations to the party were particularly exquisite with vintage style envelopes lined in a soft pink color. Each invitation had a unique golden seal on the front too, adding to the elegance of the theme perfectly.

Dreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower beautiful cakeDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower cake centerpieceDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower cake with toppersDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower chairDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower dessert tablescapeDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower floral arrangementDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower flower bouquetDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower flowersDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower garden cakeDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower invitation suiteDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower invitationDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower menuDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower more cakesDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower napkinDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower pink floral cakeDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower plate decorDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower ring displayDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower ringDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower table arragement with floralDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower table setting decorDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower table setting floralsDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower table setting viewDreamy Outdoor Bridal Shower table settingoutdoor garden cake


Planning/design - Linen & Lilac

Photography - Esmeralda Franco

Venue – California Ranch Events

Place settings – The Chiavari Guys, Anthropologie and Heath Ceramics



Pink Tropical Bridal Shower

Pink Tropical Bridal Shower


This fun Pink Tropical Bridal Shower was styled and planned by MsDivineShyne. With a theme designed to match the vibrant, outgoing personality of the bride to be, this party was a unique and exciting event for everyone who got to attend. Using all sorts of bright colors, pink, green and yellow, this venue was a summer splash waiting to happen.

An adorable dessert table was arranged perfectly to accommodate treats and decor smoothly. A trellis style back drop was adorned with an adorable tassel banner that introduced the tropical theme brilliantly.

The back of the table showcased a delightful, two layer cake topped with “Future Mrs” in large, pink lettering. Large flower blooms added color and beauty to the to of the cake. Behind the cake on each side pineapples were used to hold lovely flowers that added to the tropical theme very nicely.  Sugar cookies were shaped into cute seasonal shapes like flamingos, watermelon and strawberries and were all frosted in fun fashion. There were also scrumptious looking cupcakes frosted in pink to look like little flower blooms on the top. To really embrace this fantastic summer theme, popsicles were also available to enjoy in bright, tropical colors. Another cute treat idea were mini cups filled with candies with palm tree and flamingo sticks standing in them.

A beverage table was set up so guests could create their own tropical flavors to enjoy.  Cups were filled with sweet fruits and there were even an array of umbrellas and straws to use to add to the tropical style of the drinks. The table used for the drinks was decorated with fun pineapple style decorations in vibrant colors. Set in front of a window, this table stood out beautifully in the cascading daylight streaming in from outside.

Pink-Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Cake-Flowers Pink-Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Cake-Polkadots Pink-Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Candies Pink-Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Candy
Pink-Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Cupcakes Pink-Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Drink-Decor Pink-Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Drinks Pink-Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Flowers Pink-Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Frosted-Cupcakes Pink-Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Fruit Pink-Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Personalized-Mugs Pink-Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Pineapple-Decor Pink-Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Popsicles Pink-Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Sugar-Cookies Pink-Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Sweets Pink-Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Tassels Pink-Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Treats


Photography: Photography By Cashmere
Event Stylist & Planner: MsDivineShyne
Decorations & Décor: Confetti Crown Designs
Popsicles: Popsi Gal
Cake & Cupcakes: Sugar Flour Bake Shoppe
Custom Cake and Cupcake Toppers: Glitter Paper Scissors
Cookies: Que-T Sweet Treats
Chocolate Favors: Shayla’s Sweet Treats
Customized Mug: The Printed Pug



Golden Glamour Bridal Party

Golden Glamour Bridal Party (1)

This Golden Glamour Bridal Party was a splash of style with gorgeous details put together by the awe inspiring skills of the gals at Shiki. Starting of the party with a bang, a fantastic station was arranged with champagne. This table gave a glam vibe that was sure to get everyone in the mood for some fun.  Using a glitzy cover, this station was bold and beautiful.  Gold, black and white decor was used to create a modern look.

On the table an adorable black and white striped mug held goodies for perfect photos to remember the special day.  The decorations in the mug were absolutely adorable, giant shimmering rings and other fun things on sticks to make it simple to hold them for the pictures. Behind the mug on the table, a large bucket held delicious champagne on ice with a fantastic diy arrow with the #TeamBride, ensuring that all the ladies would have an epic place to post their memorable night.  This sign was dolled up in gold and white with black lettering for a glitzy look.

This station was lined with a white  cover, so all the decorations stood out nicely. A string of black and white tassels added a fun look to the front of the table too.  A lovely tray was used to hold all the champagne glasses and each was even topped with a vibrant red raspberry and a cute little black pom. Mini bottles were glam’d up with gold too and a glass jar held black and white swirly straws for an easy way to enjoy the drinks.

For the photo booth, a whole section was filled with golden strands for a stunning effect. To add to the look pinwheels hung for extra dimension.  There were even strings hanging with cute little additions on them.

Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Champagne Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Chilled-Beverages Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Drinking-Station Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Drinking-Table Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Drinks
Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Hanging-Decorations Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Ice-Bucket Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Photo-Accessories Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Photo-Booth Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Photo-Decor Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Pinwheel-Decor Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Raspberries
Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Ring-Mug Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Straws Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Team-Flag


Planning: Shiki